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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Panna Cotta with Lemon Curd

Here is a little insight into how my brain works....

Yesterday, I was at the grocery store and noticed a honeycomb. I've always wanted honeycomb. I don't know why. It's intriguing. I have no idea what to do with it. No idea if you just eat it, or cook it, or smash it to get the honey out, or if it's just something pretty to look at. But I wanted it. So I bought it. 

I came home and before I even bothered unloading my groceries I jumped on the computer and started googling "what to do with honeycomb". Honestly, I didn't find much other than just chewing small pieces of it, spreading it on toast, or using it as a garnish. I was chewing it while I was on the computer, then spitting out the clumps of wax in my mouth. Sure, the honey was tastey, but it was a bit odd. So, I decided a garnish was the way to go.

Next up, I needed a recipe with honey so I could use my honeycomb as a garnish. Onto Pinterest "honey recipes".... 

After pages of recipes I came across a honey panna cotta. I've always wanted to make a panna cotta. I could do a panna cotta with honey on it then a piece of honeycomb for the garnish. perfect. (I will do that... possibly tomorrow... but that isn't where this post is going right now)

Later that night I had a quick errand to run. On the way home I stopped to grab the mail. Inside was a cardboard tube that had a handful of new vinyl backdrops I ordered off Etsy for some product photography. One of them was pink. 

What would look good on this pink faux wood? Something yellow! A lemon! Lemon panna cotta!!

I kid you not... that's how my mind works every day. No rhyme or reason. But, everything is an inspiration. So, enjoy these images as I captured. I modified a few recipes to get here, so I will update this post with recipes as I finish them. 

Me - "Do you want to try my vanilla bean panna cotta with homemade lemon curd and blackberry coulis, garnished with a candied lemon slice and blackberry?"
My husband - "I have no idea what that means... I'm just going to eat my ice cream."

Voila! Honeycomb... I mean panna cotta. 

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