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Friday, January 2, 2015

Blackberry and Ricotta filled Vanilla Bean Crepes

Blackberry and Ricotta filled Vanilla Bean Crepes 

After the holidays our fridge is full of leftovers waiting to be cleaned out. Do you ever open your refrigerator to find it overflowing but can't find a single thing to eat? That's how I was feeling until I found these delicious jewels still waiting patiently for me to use them. These blackberries are HUGE and equally delicious. I also had some homemade ricotta from a few nights ago to be used up so there was my inspiration for breakfast... Blackberry and ricotta filled vanilla bean crepes. 

 Aren't these just little jewels of perfection? I simmered about half of them with a bit of water and some local honey to make a quick coulis. Then I used my immersion blender to quickly blend it. 
Beautiful, isn't it?

I mixed a little homemade ricotta with softened cream cheese and a bit of sugar. Nothing too complicated.

Voila! Breakfast is served.
Here is a quick easy crepe recipe. I added a tablespoon of sugar just because both my filling and coulis weren't overly sweet. I also added vanilla bean paste to the batter (I add vanilla bean to almost everything. Stick around and you'll figure that out in no time.)

Would you believe I couldn't find anything to eat earlier? Maybe I'll go clean out the refrigerator and see what else inspires me today.

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  1. SO pretty! I am inspired to start cooking fresh for breakfast again... one of my favorite meals of the day to prepare. I have never made crepes but need to give it a try! Do you have a favorite recipe to use?