School Lunches

School Lunches

I love making school lunches more exciting. There are times I spend a lot of time on them, but mostly I've picked up quick tricks to making food more appealing with simple, fun presentations. I love using my daughters Planetbox lunch box. It has held up great for two years and all the compartments make it easy to create lunches that look like you spent a long time preparing them (even if you woke up late and threw it together before your daughter ran out the door). 

(My daughter's birthday is also Earth Day)

Cat in the Hat inspired lunch - bananas/strawberries, pepperoni striped pizza, 'Thing One' gouda cheese, yogurt with blue sprinkles and red fish, Oreo

Green Eggs and Ham lunch - Green plastic egg (filled with mini oreos) ham rollups, kiwi, Sam I Am gouda cheese, edamame, 'green egg' vanilla yogurt with green candy,  ' green egg' candy melts and green candy

Sandwich skewers, 34 degree crisps, cara cara oranges/raspberries, green beans/mini peppers

Mari Gras Lunch - purple, green, yellow fruit and veggies, muffaletta inspired sandwich skewer with olive tapenade, chocoalte dipped oreo with candy 'bead necklace'

Lego inspired lunch with homemade lego shaped gummies, lego brick sandwich, peanutbutter bites with banana letter cutouts, mini peppers and blackberries

Homemade nachos, strawberries/blackberries, mini peppers, oreo

Papaya, blackberries, kiwi, strawberies, green beans, broccoli, mini sandwiches, sour gummy spaghetti

Cara cara orange segments, strawberries, mini peppers, mini square sandwiches, sour gummy spaghetti 

Valentine's Lunch with a ham and cheese crepe, strawberry roses with dark chocolate ganache fondue, heart shaped kiwi, berries with edible gold hearts, and a pink "dream big" conversation heart.

Berries with edible gold hearts

Strawberry Roses

"I'm Bananas For You" Valentines Lunch - Monkey sandwich, mini banana with secret message, blackberries, kiwi/strawberry, yogurt with granola/banana chips/heart sprinkles, brownie square with a yellow 'be happy' conversation heart 

Mini banana with a 'I'm Bananas For You" secret message

Valentines week lunch - heart quesadillias, veggies and ranch, yogurt with granola/sprinkles, fruit, and pink conversation hearts.

Cupids arrow cheese sandwich skewer, chicken lettuce wrap, mini peppers, marshmallows, strawberry slices, raspberries with white chocolate chips, and conversation heart candies.

Ham and cheese sandwich, mini pepper rings, oranges and blueberries, kiwi and strawberries, mini oreos

Ham and cheese sandwich, mini pepper rings, oranges and blueberries, kiwi and strawberries, mini oreos

Salad with croutons, cheese, ham, mini cucumbers and ranch, strawberries and kiwi, and mini oreos

DIY shredded chicken tacos with black olives, cheese, greek yogurt, mini peppers, and oreos 

Sandwich skewer, yogurt, fruit (clementines, blueberries, strawberries blackberries, mini bananas), sno peas and mini red peppers, oreo

Tacos with black olives, greek yogurt (sour cream substitute), mini red peppers, blue berries, citrus salad (lime, clementines, strawberries), chocolate covered oreo

Flat bread (pepperoni, black olive, fresh mozzarella), mini flat bread (mini peppers and fresh mozzarella), kiwi and blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, oreo with sprinkles.

Pita chips and hummus, blackberries and kumquats, veggies wrapped in zucchini ribbon, homemade berry gummies

ham and cheese pinwheels, salad, sno peas, ranch, and citrus salad with blackberries 

Yogurt, granola, strawberries/blackberries/kumquat, mini banana and blueberries, pinwheel sanwiches, and brownie

Lego themed lunch - homemade mango lego gummies, red chocolate candy lego, mini tortilla sandwiches, mini pepper rings, sliced purple carrot with ranch

 Spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce, mini peppers, edamame, fried rice, chocolate and cream cheese filled wonton, mango/strawberry 'sushi' in a white chocolate wrap, mango and blueberries

Meatball & bread stick skewers with homemade marinara, edamame, black berries and raspberries, mini pepper rings, sliced mozzarella (string cheese), blue berries and white chocolate chips. 

The Grinch lunch - complete with Who-hash, 'roast beast' sandwiches, homemade Grinch macaron, panna cotta (because we were out of yogurt) with green nonpareils, red chocolate candy heart, apples/pomegranates.

 Circus inspired lunch - melon circus tent, pinwheel lollipop sandwiches, animal crackers with yogurt dip, cotton candy grapes, cotton candy, circus peanut
Spiral cut carrots (purple, orange, and white), pinwheel sandwiches, blackberries and pomegranate, homemade vanilla bean marshmallow, homemade sea salt caramel filled truffle.
Chips and avocado ranch dip, sandwich skewer, purple peppers and cauliflower, berries/grapes, and Starbursts

mini peppers, cantaloupe and black berries, checkerboard sandwich

 yogurt, granola, berries, mini sandwiches, and small chocolate cupcake
 Tacos, cheese, greek yogurt, mini peppers and avocado, chocolate cake, homemade mango fruit leather
 Make your own pizzas using frozen bread dough to make crusts
 Make your own pizzas with, carrots, purple peppers, blueberries/grapes, cheese/sausage/pepperoni
 Gumball inspired lunch with cheese gumball sandwich, melon balls, grapes/raspberries, yogurt, celery/mini peppers, smarties
Baked potato, celery with peanut butter, green beans/mini peppers, grapes/blackberries, smarties

Halloween lunch - mummy sandwich, monster cheese ball with 34 degree crisps, blackberries and cantaloupe, hard boiled 'spider web' eggs, ghost strawberry, rambutan, and Frankenstein marshmallow 

Scarecrow sandwich, fall leaf peppers on pretzel 'twigs', peaches and blackberries, yogurt, chocolate covered apple slices, and candy pumpkins

Butterfly sandwich with mini peppers, caterpillar grapes, babybel cheese ladybug on pretzel 'twigs', raspberries, applesauce, starbursts

Mini cutout sandwiches, yogurt, granola, grapes/raspberries, mini peppers, and a flower cut out cookie

Yogurt with blackberries, cantaloupe leaf, chocolate dipped marshmallow, leaf cutout sandwiches, mini peppers, starbursts

meat, cheese, and crackers, apples with caramel sauce and sprinkles, mini peppers, blackberries and pomegranate

mini pita cutout with hummus and cheese, mango/pomegranate, peppers, Pirate Booty, monster cookie with eyes, and smarties

Pinwheel sandwich, salad with avocado ranch dressing, carrots, raspberries with white chocolate chips, and marshmallow dipped in chocolate and sprinkles

meat/cheese skewer, pita with hummus, peppers, black berries and pomegranate, smarties

sandwich and mini peppers, pears, raspberries with chocolate chips and kiwi, pomegranate, peanut butter cookie, and yogurt

mini sandwich, peaches and blackberries, strawberries and cantaloupe, mini peppers, candy pumpkin

Maleficent inspired lunch with blackberry raven (gum paste raven head), colored pasta with Parmesan, purple/green grapes, chocolate cake with candy melt Maleficent silhouette, and kiwi

Salad with avocado ranch dressing, chicken, hard boiled egg, carrots, peppers, black olives

Mini BLT skewers, mini peppers, green beans, clementines and pomegranate, teddy graham 's'mores' with mini chocolate chips and marshmallows

Black berries/peaches, cheese sandwich cutouts, mini peppers, blueberries, oreos, yogurt

mini peppers with mozzarella and basil, pinwheel sandwiches, persimmons and pomegranate, cheese, chocolate cake

mini sandwich cutouts, ribbon salad, cantaloupe, yogurt, marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, candy pumpkin 

Thanksgiving lunch - crescent sandwich cornucopia, hard boiled egg pilgrim and Native American, green beans and peppers, dried cranberries and almonds, applesauce, rice krispie 'turkey' 

Breakfast for lunch (on Pajama Day at school)
Waffle sticks, sausage links, yogurt, granola, berries, and clementines 

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