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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 - A new year full of dreams

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Happy New Year! 

Okay, okay... it's only 8:00 p.m., but I have three girls to get to bed and it doesn't matter if we go to bed at 8:00 or midnight - they will be up bright and early. I have a lot of dreams for 2015 and I don't want to start the year tired.

My name is Michele and if you didn't already figure it out, I'm a mother to three little girls. I'm also a wife to my best friend (cliché, isn't it?), a sister/daughter to an outrageously supportive family, and a woman who is in desperate need of 'finding herself' and this is going to be my year. 

I refuse to make a resolution that I have no intention of following through with, so you will not find me at the gym January 1st. (My cardio comes from chasing kids around during the day and when I really need some muscle toning I might whip some heavy cream by hand only to devour it later with a scrumptious dessert.) I will not give you any dieting advice. (But, I'll occasionally cook something without butter or sugar and that would essentially be the same thing.) I'd love to say I'll keep my house clean and organized this year. (Unfortunately, I've told my husband that for 7 years now so I really doubt this year is the year.)

So, what AM I going to do this year? I'm so glad you asked.... I am starting this blog. It will serve as my way of keeping myself accountable to my goals and no longer just daydreaming about mastering artistic techniques, developing new skills in the kitchen, and creating the person I know I can be. It became obvious to me over the past year that I have become comfortable in just being a mom and not focusing on my goals and personal aspirations. Frankly, I still have no idea what I want to be when I 'grow up'. But, hopefully by this time next year I might have some answer to that question. This blog will not be a cohesive collection of crafting tutorials, nor will it focus on one specific type of cuisine. I love to master skills. I love attention to detail. However, I do NOT love to do the same thing more than a couple times. Today may be pasta.... but tomorrow may be tutus. One thing is certain, not a day will pass that I do not create something. 

There is a lot I want to say, but I have a year (or more) to say it. So I'll just start by introducing you to the person I am today. Right now, on December 31, 2014 here is what I love - I love cooking and baking, I love cake decorating and food styling. I'm working on my product and food photography. I love event planning. I love all types of crafting. I love making ridiculously detailed school lunches. I've also recently taught myself sewing (and learned that I really don't have the patience for it.) What will I focus on come December 31, 2015? I can't wait to find out. Here are just a few of my favorite recent creations... 

Edible Centerpiece
Oreo ball pops with gum paste flowers arranged in a mason jar painted with a diy chalk paint and distressed.

Oreo Yonanas (Banana 'ice cream')
Crushed oreos mixed with frozen bananas to create an ice cream-like texture. Layered on top of a cookie crust and topped with a fudge sauce. 

New York Style Cheesecake with Spongecake 'crust'
adapted from this recipe for NYC Junior's cheesecake

Not so 'peasant' style dress
2014 I finally taught myself to sew. I liked it, but sewing isn't really my thing I've decided.

Maleficent inspired school lunch
Black berry raven, colored pasta, grapes, and chocolate cake with a Maleficent chocolate silhouette

Homemade Pasta
First attempt at homemade pasta

Homemade Pasta with Goat Cheese

... and my favorite creation of all ...From my family to yours,

Happy New Year!