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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Grown Up Green Eggs and Ham

Aren't these eggs just beautiful? I have heard for years that farm fresh eggs make all the difference. The yolks are darker, the flavor is richer, and frankly they are just down right beautiful! I finally made a connection and started getting local farm fresh eggs. I can't get over the bluish-green eggs. They are by far my favorite. I know they came from happy chickens. 

With Dr. Seuss's birthday this week, and being a mom as well as a daycare provider, I look forward to trying out new 'Seuss-y' creations each year and I knew these beautiful eggs would be the star. I have no interest in adding food coloring to an egg and trying to convince my children to eat green eggs and ham. So, I decided to make my own grown up version of green eggs and ham. 

I started out making a spinach pesto. Having never made pesto before I decided to use a recipe and settled on this one. It was SO good! (I even made pesto the next day to serve with pasta for the daycare kids and I literally had to cut them all off after their FOURTH serving. SO GOOD!)

The final product was artisan bread, spinach pesto, crispy pancetta, and a farm fresh poached egg.

I don't think this was quite what Dr. Seuss had in mind when he was writing Green Eggs and Ham, but I do think he would have been very happy to eat it.

I also went a little over the top creating whimsical Seuss inspired lunches and snacks this week.

banana and strawberry stripes, pepperoni and mozzarella striped pizza,
"Thing One" gouda cheese, yogurt with blue sprinkles and a gummy "Red Fish", Oreo

Green plastic egg (filled with a treat) ham rollups, kiwi, "Sam I Am" gouda cheese, edamame, "green egg" vanilla yogurt with green candy, "green egg" candy melts and green candy.

Colored pasta, Lorax mini babybel gouda cheese, Barbaloot treats (chocolate teddy grahams
and marshmallows), salami rollups, Truffula tree tops (mango and strawberry),
trees (broccoli), "the last Truffula seed" (edamame).

Strawberry Milk with Truffula Tree feather straw

"B is for Basagna" - my daughter really wanted her basagna (lasagna) from dinner last night for lunch today which created a problem in trying to create a whimsical Seuss-y lunch. 
So, I decided to go with the ABC Book including a "Lion Licks a Lollipop" pink chocolate dipped blueberry lollipop, "Isabod is Itcy" teddy graham, "Four Fluffy Feathers on a Fiffer-feffer-feff" cookie, and an additional Zink Pink Drink (pureed strawberries and yogurt) which is technically from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. 

The Lorax - chocolate candy Lorax mustache lollipop
Truffula Tree - chocolate dipped oreo covered with cotton candy

Today is only Thursday so I have one more day left and I'm thinking a Horton Hears a Who lunch is necessary. I'll be sure to add it to my School Lunch page at the top. Make sure to continue to check back to see all my lunches for inspiration. 

 If you have any questions or Suess inspiration of your own, I'd love to know! Please comment below. 

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