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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Barbie Breakfast

Last night while I was sharing my daughter's birthday treats for preschool today, I was also busy prepping the kitchen table for her Barbie Breakfast. It may look over the top but I just used what I already had around the house and the only actual cooking involved was simple french toast pops. It was surprisingly quick and easy which meant I could enjoy my morning with her and not running around cooking/cleaning.

I love this adhesive trim in the dollar section at our local Michaels. I use it on everything! I put it around the plates and around the cake stand. I've even covered lollipop sticks with it before for cake pops (MUCH cheaper than buying rhinestone cake pop sticks). 

I also always have tons of paper straws on hand (that I also pick up in the dollar section at Michaels) I also dipped the rim of a (very inexpensive) champagne flute in melted candy melts and then into sprinkles. I do not drink milk, but would almost make me want to. But not really... milk is gross. 

I finished up by making some miniature yogurt parfaits and cut some big flowers out of bread for french toast. After I toasted them I just stuck them on a stick and popped them into a cake pop stand. 

Here it is all ready for the birthday girl! 


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  1. Absolutely adorable! What a great memory you created for your sweet birthday girl!