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Monday, March 30, 2015

Treats Fit for a Princess

This is my middle daughter. She is spunky, smart, and hilarious. She also has me wrapped around my finger and I can't count the times that my husband has pointed out how much I let her get away with. Frankly, I can't argue with him. It's a fact. The middle child does not lack attention in this family. In fact, I would say she the cream to my Oreo - and I love Oreos.

Photo by Birdsdream Design

Tomorrow she turns 4 years old. For months she has been talking about her first birthday party with her preschool friends. Her class is a small class of princess-loving girls. So what better treat to send then mini princess doll cakes? (Her birthday theme is Barbie, but it was incredibly difficult to find mini barbies that would work for these cakes. So for her birthday at school, they get Disney Princesses.) Here is my sweet little sous-chef mixing up her cake.

I did a fair amount of research to find the perfect dolls for these mini cakes. Most of them wouldn't work because of the shape of the dresses. The Magic Clip dolls work great because the dresses come off and the dolls are thin and easy to put in the cake. After the girls eat them the dolls can easily be rinsed off then their dresses can be put back on. My daughter already knows which princess she is giving to each friend and why. For instance one of her friends favorite princess is Tiana, but she knows she already has a Tiana figurine so she is giving her Aurora instead. :) 

You could replicate these using jumbo muffin tins, but I found the Pampered Chef 1-cup glass prep bowls are PERFECT!

After baking the cakes I simply cut the top off and flipped them over. I used a small round cutter to make a guide for the doll. I will say that my daughter desperately wanted to decorate the cakes. It was for her birthday and I know I probably should have let her. But I didn't. (I'm working on giving up control in the kitchen. It's hard. Really, really hard.) 

I'm just realizing that we don't have a cake to share as a family tomorrow night so tomorrow I am taking her shopping after preschool and then I think I will put her in charge of making her birthday dessert to share with the family. 

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