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Monday, February 9, 2015

Kids in the Kitchen - Covered in Chocolate!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to host a group of 6-7 year old girls for a chocolate class. We had so much fun making all sorts of treats and they each got to bring home their own box of chocolates to share with their families.

Of course, before they arrived I was trying to squeeze in some quick pictures but these sweet little hand kept getting in the way. I guess that's what you get for keeping sprinkles at eye level.

Immediately, when the kids arrived and saw all the sprinkles and chocolates I decided it was time for a quick less on "less is more". I demonstrated by dipping a couple strawberries in chocolate and showing them how a few carefully placed sprinkles can actually be better than a whole handful of sprinkles. 

I didn't really think they would pay much attention and I expected them each to go home with a box full of chocolate and sprinkles. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see how each of them was very careful and thoughtful about how they decorated each and every piece of chocolate.

We ended up making a vanilla bean ganache (that they later rolled into truffles), chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered Oreos, cherry/raspberry filled chocolates, caramel filled truffles, peanut butter cups, and painted chocolate hearts. If it sounds like a lot, it was! But, they each managed to get one of each done during our two hour class. 

I know the words 'truffles', 'ganache', and even 'dipped' can seem very intimidating to people. But, I must say, these kids did such an amazing job. Nothing we did was particularly difficult, but they learned new techniques and got to create something made from the heart to give to their families for Valentine's Day. I would take these over a heart-shaped box of chocolates any day! 

I rarely plan ahead to share holiday meals/treat ideas in time for people to actually try them out. So, I wanted to share just some fun breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas that you could easily whip up this week. 

Raspberries stuffed with white chocolate chips make a perfect snack or side for any meal! 

Cupid's arrow cheese sandwich, chicken lettuce wraps, mini pepper rings, marshmallows, strawberry slices, raspberries (with white chocolate chip), and a couple candy conversation hearts. 

Mini silver dollar pancake stack (I added pink food coloring to half the batter for special pink pancakes), raspberries with white chocolate chips. 

A simple fruit and yogurt parfait with a special heat shaped sprinkle. 

And for a sweet ending, beautiful Valentine's Day desserts with no baking required - chocolate covered strawberries and chocolates. 

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