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Friday, July 17, 2015

On the journey...

I haven't been posting much lately, but it's not for lack of creating. I've been focusing on a number of things that I'm hoping to transition my business to. In the past I focused primarily on children's accessories, hair pieces, apparel, and photo props in addition to a number of other custom orders. I'm hoping to recreate it surrounding food art including specialty desserts made to order, food photography, and kitchen decor and artwork. With no formal training in either photography or the culinary arts, it's a struggle I'm facing how to actually make a brand out of it. But it's my passion and something I love learning each and every day. So, I'll keep learning, and maybe someday I'll figure out the details. For now, here is just a sampling of what I've been up to.

Mini stack of pancakes

Raspberry and vanilla bean snow cones

Taco night

Raspberries (from the garden)

Smoothie Bowl

Hand painted tea set

Mixed media canvas

Acrylic painting trio

Mixed media canvas

Mixed media canvas

Mixed media canvas 

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